Affordable Website Design

Design A Responsive Website

responsivesmallDesign a Responsive Website - There are numerous advantages to having your website designer design a responsive website. A responsive website is designed so that it morphs and scales to be optimally viewed with easy reading and navigation on any size screen or device.  A responsive website can be viewed on any desktop, tablet, or phone by morphing to fit the web device using a minimum of resizing, scrolling or panning.

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Basic Brochure Website Design

Basic website designs are often referred to as "Brochure" websites or "Portfolio" websites and usually consist of 10 pages or less. Basic web site designs feature mostly text, photos, and a contact form.  There's usually no major custom website scripting, shopping carts, or databases, however basic website design or brochure website design can included things like slideshows, embedded video or audio, and photo galleries.  

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Content Management System Website Design - WordPress - Joomla

A content management system website design, or CMS website design, is a type of website that allows the client to do their own updates without any website design knowledge. If you can use Word - you can update your website with a CMS website! The most well known CMS programs are WordPress and Joomla.

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e-Commerce Websites / Shopping Carts

We offer a variety of e-Commerce website design options from small integrated single purchase and subscription options, to full eCommerce solutions supporting multiple languages, currencies, payment processors, and shipping options, digital downloads, multiple item options, inventory tracking, order tracking, coupons, and more.  We are an experienced PayPal payments solutions designer, as well as an experienced integrator with most popular Merchant processing options.

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Catalog Website Design / News Website Design / Portal Website Design

Similar to an e-Commerce website design but without the shopping cart,  Catalog Website design and News/Archive Website design normally handles a large volume of organized, cataloged website content.  We offer several catalog website design solutions, including the popular Joomla component K2. Many of the catalog website option, including K2, can easily have "web store functions" turned on in the future if you want to go from a catalog website design to and e-commerce website design.

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Membership Websites

Ready to start an online community?  We can create it for you!  Whether it's free, or a paid membership website, we are experts implementing all of the popular community solutions including Community Builder and JomSocial, as well as secure restricted areas using solutions like RSMembership and numerous other ACL solutions!

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Booking and Event Registration

Have a small hotel, B&B or vacation rental property you want website designed for with online booking? or you need an event website with online registration and ticketing?  or maybe your're a personal trainer and want to let your clients book and pay for appointments online? We can give you the perfect hotel website design, vacation property website design, event website design, or any other kind of reservation, ticketing, event registration, or booking website design.

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We offer all different type of Flash Design Services from website add ins and components like website intros, menus, photo galleries, and media players, to full flash sites.  We can also provide Flash components and modules for popular CMS systems like Joomla.

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